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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

by Arjavi Marwaha on June 02, 2020

When the lockdown ends, we wonder what the new normal is going to look like. Here at Gully, we will be going back to the office and back to work. We hope that the rest of India is able to do so as well. In the meantime though, we’ve been wondering what this new world has in store.

This past week, we saw men dressed in full protective gear - overalls with hoods and masks coming to do our sanitization. Will this be the new normal? We have a feeling masks are not going anywhere anytime soon as there are still so many questions about the dangers of the virus. But at the same time, we can’t stop and won’t stop living our lives. 


There was also a historic event this past weekend, as Elon Musk along with NASA, sent astronauts to the international space station. This was the first public-private partnership for a space mission and it was great to see the launch succeed. We were also wondering… has Elon Musk been right all along? Is Mars the next place for humans to live? Just in case the virus decides to stop us again in our tracks? Who knows… but we can’t stop and won’t stop!