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Quarantine Relationships

by Arjavi Marwaha on May 19, 2020

Love in the Time of Quarantine

Well, the lockdown has still been on and we know we really miss being able to dress up for going out. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up at home! And for those of us in quarantine relationships, staying comfortable while still looking attractive is something Gully highly recommends - especially for your significant other :)
To help out this situation Gully has released two new collections - designed for comfort and style. First is the brand new Quarantined Collection - long and loose-fitting tees and over-sized hoodies that are perfect for letting the world know you have been quarantined (just like them). The second is the “I’m Staying Home” collection - oversized hoodies and longer length tees with “I’m Staying at Home” (the activity of choice these days) printed boldly across the chest.
Make sure to check these out if you want to stay stylish while maintaining maximum comfort and enjoy cozying in with your loved one. Feel free to thank us later - it’s hard to stop the attraction when Gully clothes are on the scene. Just make sure you practice safe quarantining procedures ;)

 QUARANTINED tee Front black