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Work from Home

by Arjavi Marwaha on April 22, 2020

We know with the current situation almost everyone has been working from home right now - here at Gully we’ve been working from home since the lockdown started. This trend may very well continue after the lockdown and quarantine period is over, so we wanted to share our top tips for keeping your home style quotient high. 

The key to working from home is comfortable yet stylish clothes. You're spending long hours in these clothes, so make sure it's enjoyable for you. We recommend long tees, shorts, and joggers. Now clearly comfort comes first, but you do want to maintain your style quotient as well. This is not just to feel good about yourself, but dressing up a little will help you with productivity and can raise your mood so you don’t feel like you’re just in pyjamas all day. 

For socializing these days most are becoming familiar with House Party as well as Zoom Calls. These can call for certain dress protocols as well. For Zoom, unless it’s a job interview, we recommend dressing the same as if you were going to out to eat at a restaurant or attend a casual social function. A long tee or a baseball shirt can add a little spice to your normal outfit.   


Also - if you are having a Zoom call, don’t forget to give your roomie or significant other a heads-up - so they get a chance to put some clothes on as well :)