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Our Story

GullyActive was born out of love for everyday fitness and our hunger to innovate with fabrics and fits to make the best technical athletic gear suited for the Indian weather, body & wallet. Our close contact with athletes made us realize the need for Technical Athletic Apparel. 

Our desire to inspire a community where we can live a longer and healthier and more fun life made us perfect our products by testing them on some of the top athletes.


What is Technical Athletic Apparel?

Clothes made from technical fabrics are designed to provide protection & comfort in a range of environments. They work to keep you dry from inside out, increasing your personal comfort & enjoyment, indoors & outdoors. 




Technical Athletic Apparel. Beautifully Designed.

All our products are designed keeping Indian climatic conditions in mind and hence we take care of the humidity, heat, rain and other weather elements for you.
Being an Indian brand we know the exact requirements for Indian customers be it men or women. You don't have to worry about your height, weight or overall body structure. We have you covered.

Facing a hot sunny day? Grab our Short sleeve t-shirt or polo neck t-shirts to help you stay cool.
A bit windy outside? Our Long Sleeves are just designed for that. Along with other uses.
Our jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts are built specifically for Indian Winters where they will help you stay warm but at the same time make you feel fresh and comfortable.
Slide in our joggers or shorts after a long day at work or at the gym. Oh did we mention about the pants with special characteristics designed specially for giving you that formal look in a stretchy and wrinkle resistant fabric which keeps you comfy like casuals!

Why should athletic apparel have boring prints?

Our prints are beautifully designed using inspiration from conversations around the world, music that expands your imagination, social media trends, retro themes we love to remember; a tribute to those who fight so that we have our freedom; showing love for our planet so it’s still as beautiful for our future generations; space, because we love to explore. 



Science of Fabric™ 

The Science of Fabric is a systematic study of the structure and behavior of technical fabrics which provide protection and comfort in a range of environments.
This continuous study is an endeavor to provide you the best technical athletic apparel so you can perform your activities with ease and Unleash your Full Power™

Wanna run that extra lap?  Grab our Speed Work short sleeve t-shirt made in our Air Vent™ fabric which is airy breathable that will help you stay dry and comfortable during your long runs.

Or go do an extra set of squats in our Speed Breaker Shorts or Resolute Joggers which are powered by 4 way stretch Vulo™ Fabric. 

To know more about each of our proprietary fabrics click here : Science of Fabric



Our clothes are engineered for all your indoor and outdoor activities be it Training, Running, Cycling, Yoga, Trekking, Football, Tennis or while Travelling



Want to feel the fresh air while enjoying the outdoors? then grab our Cycling gear.
Need a peaceful and relaxed time? Perform Yoga or go out Trekking in nature using our products specifically designed for those activities.  

Have a Tennis or Football game planned with your friends? Grab our Football and Tennis gear to look more stylish and feel comfortable among your pals.

Or just go through our On the Move section for easy comfortable clothing.



Tested by Athletes



Our athletes went through rough training's filled with sweaty sessions in our technical athletic apparel so you can get gear that will help you be your best in wherever your day takes you. 
Our products are tested by athletes which increases the quality, performance and reliability of the fits





We collaborate with creative people/brands who are successful in what they do. They become our muse/inspiration for our Collaboration Collection.

Our ongoing collaboration is with Rajasthan Royals for the IPL season 2022 as official merchandise partners. This collection is not just for any royal, it is for the "Super Royal"