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History of cricket

The sport of cricket has a known history beginning in the late 16th century. In 1876–77, the first-ever Test match took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between an England team and Australia and the rivalry between them gave birth to The Ashes in 1882, and this has remained Test cricket's most famous contest. Test cricket began to expand in 1888–89 when South Africa played England.


Test cricket

Test cricket generally lasts upto 5 days and is played from morning until evening. Owing to the heat which the players have to endure during test matches; they wear white as it is the colour that absorbs least of the sun’s heat easing on sun stroke or other heat stress. Thereby increasing the team's playing endurance.We have introduced Test White Dri-FIT GA Cricket Polo™️ range incorporating all test cricket jersey qualities. 


Cricket clubs

Lord’s ground at London is one of the most prestigious and oldest cricket grounds privately owned by the Marylebone Cricket Club. The club was formerly the governing body of cricket and still holds considerable global influence. Now responsible for laws of cricket, MCC’s demand for membership always outstrips supply each year.  We have created a range of polos under the umbrella of cricket club tributing to the MCC club at Lord’s ground.



Several studies have linked clothing with performance. In a sport like cricket, where players continuously have to run to score runs or catch the ball, our polos help them to keep light and breathable. Cricket is usually played during the day time, sometimes under the scorching heat in the midst of summer, that is why cricket polos are constructed in a way which keeps the players cool. Our GA Cricket Polo™️ is built with Technical Air Vent™️ fabric which is hydrophobic, meaning that it has great moisture resistance. The fibers don't absorb water or sweat, so the moisture slips through tiny gaps between it’s honeycomb structure. Once the moisture reaches the outside of the material, it spreads across the surface. From there, it evaporates into the air. The result is a Sweat- proof polo which leaves you with a dry and comfortable feeling that allows for a free range of motion.



After playing all day and sweating it out, you need to wash your clothes. Washing of clothes can fade even the most expensive fabrics. Whilst washing the clothes, the chemicals in detergents react with the dyes causing the dye to break down which leads to fading. Currently the fabrics used in official cricket matches are made of Dri-FIT material which makes it non-fade and increases the durability.  GA Cricket PoloTM is constructed in technical Air Vent fabric™  which holds dyes better and is also treated with a chemical that reduces fading.



Regular cotton polos tend to shrink on washing. GA Cricket polo™ is made with technical Air Vent fabric which has fibres that do not shrink and tend to stay in a definite shape when pulled or stretched. If stretched, it comes back to its real shape within no time.



While it’s difficult to tell what’ll happen to our wardrobes over the course of a season, we know for a fact that our GA Cricket Polo™  got you covered for the longest duration with a fabric that is efficient in withstanding dirt, dust and spills. Our polos feel good, wash and wear well.