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GULLY Athletic Bomber jacket™  women’s fit 

Why we made this?


Inspired by Training 


Women should have some time just ‘for them’.

Physical activity is important for all women throughout their lives. Any physical activity is good for women's physical and mental health. It helps improve your overall health and fitness, maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for many chronic diseases and promote good mental health.Women who do training regularly improve their physical fitness and manage their weight.

Warm ups, stretching and cool downs are important aspects of an athlete’s routine. One of the best things about training before a game, is that it gets the muscles moving and firing.Training allows you time to spend working on your weaknesses, increasing your tactical skills, and improving your technical ability. We always warm-up before any kind of exercise or sport activity. The main reason for warming up is to prevent injury while working out. So, wearing a jacket will help you to trap the heat inside your body and warm-up your muscles way faster. We have developed jackets that will make you feel comfortable while training before and after workouts. This GULLY Athletic Bomber jacket™ women’s fit is light weight and made with stretchy Vulo™️ fabric with a flexible lining. Built to let you move with ease, keeping you agile and smart. Its flexible lining and casual cut makes it a perfect choice for daily wear and travels too. Its classic fit and full-length zip make this lightweight jacket a layering essential, skims your body and has a feel-good fit that can do it all. It feels cool against the skin and is great to put on post a high-sweat workout. Works well for pre and post workouts and travels. 


Recommended for training, but it's so comfortable and stretchy that you will love wearing it all day.



How we made this?

We matched the pre and post workout jackets of athletes as closely as possible. 

So you can get the most stretchy all weather and multi purpose jacket out there. 




What is Engineered Technical Apparel?

We have applied science and technology to design and build apparel inspired by official authentic sports clothing that is made to meet an athlete’s demanding specifications. Our Engineered Technical Apparel have features that have been re-created to enhance everyday performance. Made in XTREME DRY-FIT fabrics which move sweat away from your skin to increase your comfort by keeping you dry from inside out. They are beautifully designed so you can wear them all day.




Product Features

Slash pockets give you an easy place to rest your hands and stash small items.


Fully openable zip for extra ventilation to keep you cool as you run. 


Ribbed neck, wrist and bottom for better form and fit. 


Fit details 

Classic fit that hangs on your body.


Flexible lining and a casual cut lets you move with ease.


Articulation in the sleeves accommodates the natural movement of the elbow. 


Technical Vulo™ fabric

Smooth structure with 4-way stretch.


Technical Vulo fabric delivers superior coverage without weighing you down.


XTREME DRY-FIT technology wicks sweat away from your skin so you can stay dry, focused and comfortable.




Ultimate Support to reduce bounce during repetitive or high impact for activities like pre and post workouts and travels. 


Recommended for training, but it's so comfortable and stretchy that you will love wearing it all day.


How to care for your GULLY Athletic Bomber jacket™ women’s fit? 

Taking care of your bomber jacket is really simple. All you need to do is wash it in your washing machine at 30 degree temperature with any gentle detergent or you can wash it gently by hand. Do remember to wash like colours together. The bomber jacket is quick drying so you can just simply dry it in the sun or under the fan. In case you're using a dryer, you can tumble dry on a low heat setting. You don't really need to iron the bomber jacket as it's made of wrinkle free fabric, you can just hand fold your bomber jacket.