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Science of Fabric™


What is Technical Vu-prene™ fabric made of?

Technical Vu-prene™ fabric is a blend of-

  • Microfibre
  • Polyester fabric
  • Cool tech
  • Dry tech materials
Making it very flexible and durable to wear with ease and more confidence.

How does Technical Vu-prene™ fabric feel?

  • Feels slick, smooth, cool to the touch
  • Honeycomb structure
  • Very breathable
  • Comfortable to wear

What are the benefits of apparel made out of Technical Vu-prene™ fabric?

  • Sweat wicking fabric, designed to absorb sweat faster.
  • Highly efficient in helping your body release heat and wick moisture.
  • It helps you keep your body cool during a warm or hot day through its ventilating technology.
  • Maintains a fresh and clean look after a heavy workout.
  • With Vu-prene, you are guaranteed to never feel the sweat from a high-intense workout due to its XTREME DRY-FIT technology.
We recommend buying your genuine size in apparel made out of Technical Vu-prene™ fabric.

Silhouette where this fabric is used- GA Dunkman jersey™

Built for Medium to High Intensity | Weight Training | Gym | Boxing | Everyday wear
Built to endure extreme weather conditions | Hot Summer | Best during warmer weather