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All day GA Sports bra™ cross back

Why we made this?


Inspired by athletes who run, train and gym


Running, training and gyming keeps you physically active.

We all know physical activity is good for us.It improves the way we feel and look and also helps us maintain the weight that we sit most comfortably at. It can significantly improve mental health, self-confidence, healthy ageing, and quality of life. In fact, there isn’t a system in the body that doesn’t benefit from physical activity. It gives you a total body workout and improves all aspects of your health especially for women.

When it comes to physical activity, there is always a great deal of importance given to the right workout outfit. Little do we know that wearing uncomfortable clothes while exercising not just hampers the training but also affects your health in several ways. Hence, when it comes to the perfect outfit for women who exercise daily, they need to be extra cautious about the workout outfit. The most crucial decision for women is selecting a sports bra that fits properly.

Wearing a sports bra during physical activity is important as it keeps your chest muscles strong, improves posture, and reduces bounce. In addition, sports bras can help protect your breast tissue from damage and provide extra support during repetitive or high impact activity. They are comfortable and form-fitting, wicks away sweat, and keeps you dry as a result of smooth and flexible fabric.

For many women, it may be difficult to find which bra is most comfortable, what looks best, and which is appropriate to wear to your workout. We have developed sports bras that provide strategic support for your chest and maximum comfort. All day GA Sports bra™ has a compression fit which holds your chest muscle in place by giving you extra support during your performance.With all of the great benefits that a sports bra offers, it is more than just a workout accessory. Ultimately, whether you are a regular exerciser or just looking for something to wear on lazy days around the house, there is no doubt that a good sports bra is worth having in your wardrobe. Works well for Running, Weight training, Cycling, Zumba, Dancing and other Medium to High Intensity workouts. 

Recommended for workouts, but it's so comfortable and stretchy that you will love wearing it all day.



How we made this?

Bras shouldn't be complicated.They should be comfortable and supportive. So we constructed bras that are ready in all the ways for you to move and stretch.




What is Engineered Technical Apparel?

We have applied science and technology to design and build apparel inspired by official authentic sports clothing that is made to meet an athlete’s demanding specifications. Our Engineered Technical Apparel have features that have been re-created to enhance everyday performance. Made in XTREME DRY-FIT fabrics which move sweat away from your skin to increase your comfort by keeping you dry from inside out. They are beautifully designed so you can wear them all day.




Product Features

Elastic band feels super-smooth, soft and hugs well.


Mid Crossover straps with keyhole detail for easier on and off.


Soft, quick-drying removable bra cups provide extra structure & coverage for your comfort.


Fit details 

Ultimate support that holds your chest tightly to reduce bounce during your performance.


Re-engineered cups have a more natural curve that won't slip or distort shape.


Interior construction helps keep cups in place during wear.


Technical Vulo™ fabric

Smooth structure with 4-way stretch.


Super-smooth, double-layer Technical Vulo fabric delivers superior coverage without weighing you down. 


XTREME DRY-FIT technology wicks sweat away from your skin so you can stay dry, focused and comfortable.




Ultimate to reduce bounce during repetitive or high impact for activities like Running, Weight training, Cycling, Zumba and Dancing.


Recommended for workouts, but it's so comfortable and stretchy that you will love wearing it all day.



How to care for your All day GA Sports bra™ cross back?

Taking care of your sports bra is really simple. All you need to do is wash it in your washing machine at 30 degree temperature with any gentle detergent or you can wash it gently by hand. Do remember to wash like colours together. This sports bra is quick drying so you can just simply dry it in the sun or under the fan. In case you're using a dryer, you can tumble dry on a low heat setting. You don't really need to iron the sports bra as it's made of wrinkle free fabric, you can just hand fold your sports bra.