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Sportsmanship is a deep commitment to ethical and fair play with a flourishing sense of integrity.

Everybody can imbibe the qualities of a sportsman which constitutes the three main categories as shown here.


Sportsmanship includes the affirmative discipline that an athlete must have in order to maintain perspective, grace and do what is best for their teammates.


Good sportsmanship is essential because it makes competitive play more enjoyable for everybody. 


Losing and winning is part of life’s game but a sense of goodwill makes the journey and game of life joyous. There has to be goodwill towards an opponent. Whilst winning may feel like the most important thing, good sportsmanship teaches competitors how to be gracious and respectful towards each other even after losing.



A great example of Sportsmanship is how Gianmarco Tamberi & Murtaz Barshim shared the goal.

During the Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 2020 history was created by Gianmarco Tamberi and Murtaz Barshim. The two are high jumpers with injuries that brought them down from their successful career, both suffered from emotional as well as physical pain but helped each other showcasing the friendship between rivals. 

It takes back to a time during the Monaco Diamond League Tamberi was inches away from joining Barshim into the 2.40m plus jumper game. His ligament broke leaving him ruled out of competing in the Olympics. 

When he restarted his career in 2017, it went badly. He was sad, inconsolable. Murtaz helped him in overcoming depression and helping him out of the trauma. 

A year later it was Tamberi’s turn to offer a helping hand to the friend who helped him in overcoming his sadness as Barshim also suffered from the exact same injury.

It was through revealing their weakness to each other that they both could have been helped. When they were tied in the Olympics it was just one eye contact they both had to ask if they could share the Gold. 

As Tamberi said in an interview - “Neither of us wanted to take this immense joy away from the other.”

Winning is nothing in comparison to being a good sportsman and respecting the opponent.


Team Spirit is all about boosting morale and a healthy, inspiring collaborative behaviour amongst individuals in a team working towards a common goal.

It is a well known fact that working in a team, which has a healthy team spirit and a strong ethos, yields better results than working individually. 

All team members are responsible for contributing to the said goals. Cultivating a happy and energetic team spirit helps improve the synchronization of a team or group and increases the probability of success.



A great example of Teamspirit is how Team India won the First Thomas Cup

“The strength of a team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team.” - Phill Jackson

The First Championship, First Team Match, Lots of inconveniences & One Trophy.

The main leads from India for Thomas Cup were debutant Priyanshu Rajawat, top singles players in Lakshya Sen, Kidmabi Srikanth and HS Prannoy, double trouble duo Satwik-Chirag.

Lakshya Sen had lost the three matches he played against higher ranked opponents at Thomas Cup. But the new India No 1 displayed a mentality as resilient as his retrievals in intense rallies. This helped him in withstanding, defending and then returning accurately against Ginting's speed, eventually outpacing the reigning Olympic bronze medallist to win the opening tie.

To win the Thomas Cup 2022 held in Bangkok  the middle rounds were the key. The fast and rising pair of Satwik-Chirag helped India win this duo round. 

The most important of all, the captain, Kidambi Srikant is often the player to open after a tie match, playing under pressure with a well kept composure is his thing in a neck to neck game.

Playing the fifth and decisive match will wreck anyone’s nerves but HS Prannoy did this twice in a row for two days. 

He may be the third highest ranked player in the side, but this was a top-tier advantage. He has regularly punched above his weight, when fully fit and fired on. He has beaten the legendary Lin Dan twice. 

The teamwork of the Indian Team comprising of Lakshya Sen, Satwik-Chirag, Kidambi, HS Prannoy & Priyanshu Rajawat helped India win its first-ever Thomas Cup win.


Consistency is a discipline and it is reflective of the fact that long-term goals and success of the same are more important than short-term gratification. 

Choosing to train and practice when other opportunities arise is a wonderful secret to succeeding. 

Like the saying goes, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.”

Consistency is so important because it is the sole thing that separates the very best in every sport from the rest.

Dedication and consistency go hand in hand . 

The best athletes in the world are able to perform effectively and functionally with consistency and dedication .



A great example of how Consistency helped Saurav Ghoshal win India's first ever singles medal in squash at the Commonwealth Games 2022.


Saurav Ghosal recently won India's first ever singles medal in squash — a bronze — at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

He is 35 years of age and has played at the top level consistently since he first played for India 17 years ago. Squash is a tough game which requires stamina and power both. Saurav has consistently maintained both through intense training and focus year after year which helped him win the bronze at the CommonWealth Games, a feat never achieved by any other Indian Squash player.


Salute to Saurav's consistency.

Unleash your Full Power with Consistency.


Hence, by showing sportsmanship, team spirit, loyalty, pride, partnership and consistency, a sports person can achieve motivation and discipline. It enables them to attain conduct such as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing to one participating in a sport. It's not about winning or losingit's about showing fair play, good ethics and team spirit. Working in a team with a healthy team spirit always yields better results than working individually.